Postpaid Roaming Services

Enjoy endless roaming with our postpaid Chippie roaming services.

Chippie Postpaid Voice Roaming


Reach your own mobile number whether you travel the United States, Europe, South America, the African continent or the Pacific region through voice and data roaming with our international GSM networks.

Utilize either our prepaid of postpaid billings options and also make and receive calls in the territories of Bonaire, Dutch St. Maarten, French St. Martin, St. Kitts & Nevis, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Barths.

Check the details of the country you are visiting to determine whether your wireless device is operational.

  • How does it work?

    Use your Chippie account on another country’s GSM network. Place and receive calls as an Chippie customer with your own GSM phone and number while visiting another country. If there are several Telecom Providers in a country, your cell phone will automatically select the one(s) that Flow has a roaming agreement with.

    Find out which roaming operator provides the best coverage, call +5999-465-6111. Select another operator of choice and place and receive calls seamlessly, please consult your GSM phone instruction guide.

    To place a call with your Chippie Postpaid Account, please dial: + Country code, area code, and destination number.


    • If you are in the Netherlands and you want to place a call to Curacao, just dial +5999-777-0101.
    • If you are in the Netherlands and you want to place a call to a phone in the Netherlands. Just dial +31-6-1234-5678
    • If you are in the USA and you want to place a call to a phone in the USA. Just dial +1-212-123-4567

Chippie Postpaid Data Roaming

Don’t miss important e-mails or other data files while you’re traveling abroad! The Chippie Data Roaming Service is now ready for you to use! All Flow postpaid mobile subscribers can roam with data (GPRS, LTE). The type of data roaming service depends on what data roaming service our partners offer in the country where you roam.

The data roaming service is possible for all postpaid and prepaid accounts. Browse, download important files, read and send e-mails while you are on a business trip or vacation.

  • How does it work?

    3G/LTE roaming

    The rate per MB is the same for GPRS, EDGE /LTE; the only difference is the speed of downloading and uploading.

    Examples of MB usage for different kinds of data roaming:
    A typical 80-word plain text message is around 10 KB. Thus, 1024 KB = 1 MB = approx. 102 e-mails or instant text messages of 10 KB each. The average e-mail or text message size depends on the type of mail or message that you receive and send. For instance, e-mails or instant messages with (large) attachments (such as pictures, songs, videos, voice notes, etc.) use up a much larger quantity of MB compared to plain text e-mails or messages.

    The average usage of MB for photos (via e-mail or instant message) will depend on the size and quality of the photos. The average size of a digital photo ranges from 500 KB to 2 MB.

    The average use of MB per song is between 3 – 5 MB.

    The average use of MB for a two hour movie is about 2000 MB.

    IMPORTANT: All roaming services are activated by default.

Data roaming protection

Data Roaming Protection is a service Flow has introduced as of May 8, 2015 to avoid high additional costs for roaming on your invoices due to the use of DATA while traveling abroad.

Making use of data while in another country, meaning ‘data roaming’, can cost considerably more when a client downloads, receives or opens a document, makes use of e-mail, sends or receives pictures through mail, uses WhatsApp or ping, surfs the internet, downloads music, gets on YouTube or Facebook etc. All of this can cost considerably more than the usual local costs compared to when a client is in a foreign country. Unfortunately in most cases, clients do not inform themselves appropriately regarding this prior to their trip.

  • How does it work?

    With ‘data roaming protection’, postpaid Chippie clients can roam up to a maximum of USD 450 a month with their data. This will be divided in 3 times USD 150. When the client reaches USD 50, he/she will receive a SMS notification. After the client continues roaming and reaches USD 100 an SMS notification will be sent again. After reaching USD 150 the system will disconnect the client from the internet and redirect him/her to a web portal. If the client wants to continue making use of data, he/she must click ‘unlock’. This can be done 2 times, up to the maximum of USD 450 during our billing cycle.

    Example portal:

    After you reach your maximum you will not be allowed to continue to use DATA for the billing period, and you can only open your DATA roaming by using WIFI.

    If the client wants to reconnect DATA roaming, he/she will need to send an email to: or call +5999 465 6111  from 8:00 to 22:00 every day of the week, and during the weekend from 10:00 to 18:00. 

    The DRP department will verify if the client has an outstanding balance.

    If this is not the case, the client must only pay the amount of USD 450 and send a proof of
    payment to the DRP department in order to be reconnected.

    If this is the case, the amount of USD 450 combined with the outstanding amount must be
    paid and a proof of this must be send to the DRP department, in order to be reconnected.

    If the client feels that the threshold of USD 450 per month is not sufficient, he/she may request an upgrade of the maximum amount. Business clients can contact their Account Manager or visit Flow Business at Orionweg 18, and residential clients can visit one of our stores to request the upgrade of their package.

    For which devices is this possible?

    ‘Data roaming protection’ is applicable for all smartphones with exception of BlackBerry models operating on an OS 7.1 or lower. For example; BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, Bold, Torch, Touch and Storm. Unfortunately these models are not able to redirect the client to the web portal due to the fact that they only use ‘https’.

    Clients with a BlackBerry device that operates on an OS 7.1 or lower and have reached the USD 450 limit, can unlock their data by:

    Sending an email to

    Calling: +5999 465 6111

    (Available 7 days a week between 7am - 11pm)

    It is good to emphasize that this ‘data roaming protection’ service only applies for data roaming and not the use of voice call service. A client roams with ‘voice call’ as well from the moment he/she makes or receives calls when abroad. It is highly recommended that the client informs him-/herself appropriately about the roaming rates for the country he/she is traveling to. These rates can be found here.

    If the client misplaced or lost his/her phone while traveling abroad, he/she needs to report this to Flow within 8 business hours, so the phone can be blocked accordingly.

    If the client did not report this properly and the Data Roaming Protection’s unlock option has been used by a 3rd party, the client will be held responsible for all the incurred roaming charges.

    If clients have any questions or concerns about roaming, please call:

    Local: call 9242

    International: +599 9 465 6111(Not free of charge)

    Flow provides a best effort service. The subscriber remains responsible for his/her usage based on his/her contract