International Private Line (IPL)

Secure point to point connections

International Private Line (IPL) is a functionally simple service of fast, managed, and international private point-to-point line. The service is based on setting up a leased line from Point A to Point B anywhere in the world.

Leased Lines

Dedicated, reliable access

Get the most reliable connection and access to the fastest internet and Wi-Fi with our Leased Lines. Dedicated or a-symmetrical, this product provides speeds up to 2.5Gbps/1.75Gbps local capacity.

IP PBX Solutions

Converged communication solutions using IP technology

Simplify your communication with an integrated
fixed and mobile communication platform
for your business.

Enhance employee productivity and increase
customer satisfaction in real-time with an
affordable, flexible, full IP communication
system that fulfills the converged voice
and IP needs of your business.

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0800/0900 Services

A direct link to your business

Make it easier for your customers to get in touch.
Our 0800/0900 services remove all barriers and ensure your customers can reach your business

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